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Avia 93 Hotel- Bogota
Finished Productsw- Magma Ceramics
Clay Making- Think Ghost
Inside Cathedral
Simon Bolivar Statue at Central Square
President Juan Manuel Santos Calderon Leaving Palace
Our Guide Presidential Palace- Bogota
Gold Museum 3
Gold Museum 2
Gold Museum Bogota
Coffee Cupping at E&D Cafe- Bogota
Entrance to Santa Teresa Hotel- Cartagena
Charleston Santa Teresa Rooftop Pool- Cartagena
View of Cartagena From Hotel Roof
Ron With a Friend
Bicycle Ride Through The Walled City
Carraige Ride Through Old Town Cartagena
Castilla de San Felipe Battlements
My Native Guide
Castilla de San Felipe Performance
Hotel Karmairi & Spa
Catamaran Tour of Cartagena Harbor
On the Way to Isla Mucura
Welcome to Punta Faro Hotel
Colombian Navy Guard on Isla Mucura
Better Than a Shopping Bag
Beach- Punta Faro Hotel
Private Islands Near Isla Mucura
Most Densely Populated Island in the World
Who is That Masked Man/
Bazurto Social Club Cartagena
Courtyard- Avia 93 Hotel- Bogota
3 Week Old Monkey
Snorkling on Isla Murica
First You Move Your Right Foot