> Dubai/Abu Dhabi/Oman

Emirates Airline
Dubai Museum
Roof Top Pool- Savoy Central Hotel
Gold Souk
Rug Dealer
Dessert BBQ Safari
Burj Al Arab Hotel
Vehicle BBQ Safari
Camels Dessert BBQ
Ron in front of AD Mosque
Ron & Chef- Cafe Roberto's
Show Dhow Canal Cruise
Abu Dhabi Mosque Ceiling
Clock- Abu Dhabi Mosque
Entrance Galleria Mall
Raw- Lunch at Roberto's
Store- Galleria Mall
Zuma Solera
Dubai Mall
Another View 124th Floor
Oman Cruise
Oman Dhaw Cruise
Burj Kalifa
Water Show Dubai Mall
Another View 124th Floor
View from 125th Floor Burj Kalifa
Welcome to Oman
Ron Driving Oman Cruise
United Arab Emirates