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Distilled Spirits Epicenter
Derby Winning Jockeys
California Chrone Jockey
Churchill Downs TV Screen
Exec. Chef David Danielson- Churchill Downs
8 Pounder at Clearwater Lobsters
Yum-KFC White House
Colonel Harland Sanders Office
Clearwater Lobster Poster
KFC Formula in Safe
BF Finished Barrels
Start of Barrel Making
Fire Finished Barrels
BF Cooperage for Jack Daniel's
Tasting at Jim Beam
Fred Noe- Jim Beam
The Late Booker Noe
Ron & Fred Noe
Our Group at Governors Mansion
Governors Mansion
Governor Steven Beshear, Jane & Ron
Executive Mansion Plaque
Man of War- Kentucky Horse Farm
Show at KHF
Horses of the World- KHF
Helen of Troy Horse- KHF
Man of War- KHF
Steve Hardek- Zoom Essence