> Ron's 75th Birthday Party

My Parents
Wendy & Ron
Looking at my Photos
Christine, Mark Paul & Mia Anderer, Adrienne
Guests Arriving
Tami & Dr. Wisch, Steve & Sharon Goldstein
Ron & Miguel
Dr. Marilyn & Dr. Jay Spechler
Reverand Jan & Janis Owen
Ron with Mickey & Roz Tucker
Paula & Kevin Clark
Nicholas & Jesse Kapon
Dr. Ksenija & Dr. Scott Belsley
Sally & Ron
Karl & Roz
The Carra Family
Peg & Marvin Geller
Steve Maggi- Buenos Aires
Mark & Mickey
Caroline & David
The Law Enforcement Group
The Basketball Guys
FDU Faculty
My Family
Bill Rosenberg, Patricia Schneider
Wine People
My Neighbors, Sandra, Douglas, Helene, Galina
The 4 Amigos- Sandro, Steve, Mark, Dino
Fred Steckel, Chris Matesic
Insp. James Murtagh, City Council Gale Brewer, Chief Michael Shea