> St. Joseph, Missouri

Jesse James Exhibit- Visitors Center
Visitors Center Celebrating 150th Anniversary- Pony Express
Pony Express Museum
Carousel- Patee House Museum
Museum Row
Ride Em Cowboy- Pony Express Museum
Pony Express Trail
Vault at Missouri Valley Trust Museum
Pony Express Monument
Lizzy Bordon & Janet at Boudreaux's
Inside the Cathedral
Twin Spires Cathedral
Rick Rader- Tobiason's Stained Glass
Working on my Stained Glass picture
My Finished Product
Home on the Prarie- Glore Museum
All Tied Up- Glore Museum
What a Name for a Casino
Resting at Mount Mora Cemetery
Glore Museum- Dead or Alive
My Carousel Ride
J.C.Wyatt House Restaurant
Ride Em 2
Pony Express Rider Buried at Mount Mora